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Welcome to Oliver and York Public Affairs. We are a Marketing, Public Relations and Digital Content Agency dedicated to creating meaningful moments with great brands.

Oliver and York Public Affairs specialise in Marketing Services, Digital Content & Public Relations for emerging or established brands that want to make an impact to drive positive business and organisational outcomes.

We believe in simplifying the complicated and finding the solution to your problem.

We create engaging moments between your brand and your consumer to encourage the desired action and response.

We do this well because we understand the inner workings of business and the importance of return on investment in any program.

We have the know-how, the creativity and the muscle.

Our network of contacts is vast, with key influencers and media touch-points across print, radio, television and online.

We achieve positive outcomes because we listen to your brief, we understand the inner workings of consumer led businesses and we believe in what we do.

Oliver and York Public Affairs connects you with your consumer in a meaningful way, to achieve the desired business outcome.

The opportunity for you to connect with your consumer via clever, creative and effective Marketing Strategy and Services is always there. The landscape however, is ever-changing.

When it comes to great marketing programs that encourage consumer engagement, it’s all about creating a key moment in time, where your brand has something to say and your consumer is there to listen.

Our specialty is the creation of these moments, where you and your consumer connect in a meaningful and memorable way, to activate interest in your brand and to create the perfect environment to evoke action and response.

These moments of consumer engagement utilise current and cost effective marketing tools,  tailored to your brand, your project, your budget and your vision.

We deliver tailored Public Relations programs that amplify your message.

The landscape for public relations has changed and with that has come a significant amount of opportunity.

Mass media still exists and is a powerful tool when used effectively, however there are now infinite opportunities to communicate with your consumer one on one, via other means that compliment your mass messaging.

Oliver and York Public Affairs specialise in creating engaging media relations programs to bring your brand to life. To reach new and existing markets.

We believe in producing new communicative avenues that help you reach your consumer and hold their attention.

We get your message out there and help your consumer understand and appreciate your unique offering and story.

We believe that interactions between you and your consumer are strengthened when they are ongoing and believe like any good relationship, communication should always be two way.

For this reason, Oliver and York’s Public Relations programs embrace every tool available.

We approach every relevant media and key influencer in the market, to get people talking about your brand and excited about what your offering involves.

It is a congested digital world out there so your message must be the right one, at the right time and via the right media.

At Oliver and York Public Affairs every strategy is tailored and every strategy is realistic.

The big Agency price-tags for digital are out of date. Content must be fast, relatable, achievable and unique.

We provide clever and engaging digital content to that end and we work with some of the best heads in the business to achieve it.

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