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Huxtaburger transforms for Halloween at Joey Smalls

Joey Smalls and Huxtaburger are set to unveil a Halloween special this Saturday 31 October, with cocktails from the depths of Beelzebub’s collection and Huxtaburger transforming their classic into a dedicated Huxtaween ‘Cousin Itt’ burger, on offer until the stroke of midnight.

With a midnight dark bun and pumpkin mustard, the Halloween inspired burger will appear at 4pm then vanish into the night like so many Halloween ghouls before it.

Steve Costa, Co-Owner of Joey Smalls and fan of the darkness that Halloween brings, says Huxtaween is the one and only night where locals have the chance to sink their fangs into the unique Huxtaburger creation.

“It will come and go like a haunted ship in the night,” said Steve. “It looks a little scary to begin with, but the flavour is great and it makes something fun into something brilliantly delicious.”

The Cousin Itt burger is the first of its kind from the Daniel Wilson and his team at Huxtaburger, who together have developed what they believe captures the essence of the age old eve.

“The Halloween inspired burger is dedicated to Halloween and all the darkness that goes along with it,” said Daniel.

The Joey Smalls and Huxtaburger Huxtaween event will kick off from opening at 4pm, flowing through the night of terror. For more information visit


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